Truck Permits in Corona, CA

There is no greater joy than having your own trucking business. You are the owner of the truck and you get to drive it and earn. If you have a liking for driving, you can drive through the roads of the various US states and maximize profits. But driving through the states of US you may have to first seek special permits – IFTA, ICC, CA DOT number. Global Truck Docs-based in Ontario operating in Corona has made it easy for its customers to obtain truck permits in simple steps.

At Global Truck Docs we ease up the job of applying for truck permits in Corona such as IFTA permits in Corona by taking up the paperwork and leaving the owner with enough time to focus on other things.

What is IFTA Permit?

The IFTA permit is a fuel permit required for all commercial motor carriers, having a gross vehicle weight of 26,001 lbs. or more, or those with three or more axles, who travel outside their base state. The permit covers 48 states of the US and all the provinces of Canada. In short, a truck operator with an IFTA permit in Corona can travel to participating states of the IFTA agreement without having to stop by and file taxes.

Just like the IFTA permit, the truck operator is also required to obtain an ICC permit in Corona. The ICC permit is actually a registration number affixed on the vehicle. The number is used to identify “regulated” carriers under the jurisdiction of the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC).

Some states require the carrier to obtain the ICC number while some require the carrier to have an only a DOT number. Getting in touch with the Global Truck Docs you can know whether your business needs an ICC permit of DOT number in Corona.

Obtaining the DOT number can be a bit expensive. There is a number of factors that should be considered such as the tax structure, business structure, and more. Global Truck Docs can take of everything on your behalf so you do not feel lost while filing for the DOT number.

Apart from the DOT number, the trucking businesses are also required to obtain the Motor Carrier Permit in Corona especially if the truck is from California. You can apply for the CA number in Las Banos without having to visit the California government institute for the registration. Experts at Global Truck Docs can file the application for the California registration number and help you understand the entire process.

Having the Global Truck Docs agents at your side, you can learn how the trucking businesses operate throughout the US. The skilled team ay Global Truck Docs is qualified and experienced in handling all types of licence application whether you desire to operate in the US or in the province of Canada.

Get in touch with Global Truck Docs today and learn how you can maximize profits with the help of its experts.