Truck Permits in Fontana, CA

Transporting goods and people in and around Fontana requires permits issued by the City police and the California Highway Patrol. The Global Truck Docs company located in Ontario has extended its services to Fontana, helping clients attain truck permit at ease. The company provides a range of legal assistance in obtaining truck permits, IFTA permits, and ICC permits in Fontana. The services are tailored to help transportation companies stay legal on the road.

Truck Permits

In Fontana truck permit is necessary under the following conditions:

  • When the load is more than 8’6” in width
  • When the load is more than 14’ in height
  • When a single unit of the load is more than 40’ in length
  • When a combo unit of the load is more than 65’ in length.

Truck owners or operators can obtain truck permits by applying directly to the City police and the California Highway Patrol. The truck permits in Fontana are obtained either for a single trip or on an annual basis, depending on the business. The procedure of applying to the license is easy if done through the agents at Global Truck Docs.

DOT Number

Companies that operate any commercial transport (hazardous or non-hazardous) in interstate must have a DOT number. Global Truck Docs can help transport agencies obtain DOT numbers in Fontana and prevent interrupted ride. A commercial vehicle driving on the roads of Fontana without officially issued DOT number may have to face hefty fines.

Global Truck Docs agents can further help you in obtaining Carrier Identification (CA) Number in Fontana. The Motor Carrier Permit in Fontana is offered solely at the DMV Headquarters. The authorities require the CA number applicant to fill in necessary details and complete a set number of formalities. Experts at Global Truck Docs have skills to complete all the formalities systematically, allowing you more time to do other tasks.

IFTA and ICC Permits

IFTA and ICC are crucial permits for truck operators willing to operate interstate in the US. The IFTA permit in Fontana allows the truck operators to drive interstate without any restriction. IFTA stands for international fuel tax agreement signed between the states of the US and provinces in Canada. The agreement simplifies the reporting of fuel use taxes by an interstate commercial vehicle. Participants of the IFTA are authorized to operate in the places mentioned in the contract without any restriction. Global Truck Docs help in setting up IFTA account for the commercial vehicle operator to report fuel use quarterly. Global Truck Docs ensure that its client files for IFTA tax correctly. Our experts can further help in calculating miles and fuel gallons.

ICC Permits

Companies operating as hire should obtain MC Authority or ICC permit in Fontana for legal operations. Our expert team can help you get the necessary license for a successful operation in and around Fontana. For any business to stay competitive, it is essential to follow legal obligations. Our experts at Global Truck Docs ensure the legal right of the customers and guide them wherever necessary.