Truck Permits in Riverside, CA

The transport vehicle driving through the Riverside road will have to obtain special permits if their vehicle/load is doomed to be heavy and big, as specified in the California Vehicle Code. According to the code, any transport vehicle exceeding the maximum height of 14′ width of 8′ -6″, and length of 40′ or 65 of the combined vehicle will have to obtain a truck permit in Riverside.

The city has the right to restrict the movement of any transport by diverting its route or schedule a time to commute, considering the safety of the roads and passengers. The purpose of issuing the permit is to empower the truck operators of the construction as well as detours along the route they intend to drive through, so they are aware of the truck routes they are supposed to take and avoid any penalization.

How to Obtain Permits?

The applicant should submit a City of Riverside Transportation Permits available at the designated department. Alternatively, they can get in touch with Global Truck Docs experts for applying for the permits. The experts will help to submit the application form and obtaining the license in a quick turnaround time.

What other permits truck operators need to obtain?

Transportation businesses should have a truck permit, DOT number, ICC permit, CA number, and IFTA permit in Riverside for successful operation. The DOT number in Riverside can be obtained by registering the license at the state transport department. The DOT and Motor Carrier Permit in Riverside are necessary for the operation of any commercial vehicle.

The IFTA and ICC permits in Riverside are provided to transport operators operating interstate. The IFTA is an international agreement signed between the states of the US and provinces of Canada to simplify the process of filing taxes and registering the vehicle on route to multiple states. Applying for ICC and IFTA permits in Riverside, the truck operator can obtain a license to travel interstate without having to stop by each state paying taxes and reporting fuel consumption and mileage covered.

Global Truck Docs can help setting up an IFTA account for filing taxes and reporting fuel consumption during the journey. The agents at Global Truck Docs have set up accounts for many truck operators across the US.

The agency has been in operation for quite some time. It started its operations in Ontario, US, and has expanded its services to various states of the country, including Riverside. The company has a team of skilled professionals to help commerce businesses broaden their horizons by adding more trucks or vehicles legally and operating them throughout the US state. The experts simplify the entire process of applying for the permits and getting the vehicle registered. Besides, they ensure that the license or permits are obtained within a few days of applying for uninterrupted operations. Businesses in expanding their transport business should get in touch today and learn how Global Truck Docs can make all paperwork easy.