Truck Permits in Santa Monica, CA

Why Truck Permits are Necessary?

The Government of the US uses truck permits for obtaining taxes from interstate truckers for miles traveled and fuels consumed over the highways of the country. Each state has its own government authority that has set taxes for truckers. These states imply taxes on the truckers and collect money. Therefore, the truck permits in Santa Monica or any other city of the country are necessary.

What different types of truck permits?

There are various types of truck permits that a truck operator needs to carry while traveling interstate or locally to prevent heavy penalization. Here are some of the most important truck permits:

IFTA permits

IFTA permit in Santa Monica is obtained for traveling or transferring goods and services interstate. Any vehicle with a gross weight of 26,001 lbs. or more is required to obtain the permit through the designated department. An application for the same could be filed online as well. The operator, however, should first familiarize with the permit. Certain states require the truck operators to carry IRP permits as well. Getting in touch with truck permitting company can help understand as which permit to apply for. Global Truck Docs, based in Ontario, provides permitting services in Santa Monica. The agency has a team of experts that can help file for a licence and do all the paper work on behalf of its customer.

ICC Permits

The ICC permits in Santa Monica is crucial for trucker operators having business in different states of the country. The ICC licence is a registration number identifying the vehicle as a legally registered motor vehicle. The registration number is affixed on the body of the vehicle and is visible to the traffic control personnel on the road.

DOT and CA Number

DOT number is again the registration number of the truck or commercial vehicle. Every truck operator driving through the roads of the US is required to obtain the DOT number in his/her hometown. This means, a truck operator belonging to Santa Monica will have to apply for the DOT number in Santa Monica itself. CA DOT number is also the registration number. Every commercial vehicle belonging to California is required to obtain the CA number. Global Truck Docs has a team of knowledgeable experts having all the information needed to file for CA Number Permit in Santa Monica and doing all the paper work.

Licence Renewal Services

Truck operators who already have been operational and need help renewing the licence can also get in touch with the company. Global Truck Docs has businesses across the US. It has a number of clients in legal paper work. Get in touch with the company today to know how best it can help you in your trucking business.