What You Need to Know About Vehicle Identification & the Quarterly Tax?

Vehicle Identification Number is a unique code assigned to each commercial carrier and is used
by authorities for identification. No two vehicles can have the same registration as it would lead
to great confusion and integrity issues.

Such numbers usually comprise of characters and numbers given by automakers to their
vehicles. It also acts as an account for any information regarding a particular vehicle. The VIN
can be used to give very crucial information about a vehicle., such as type of vehicle, engine
model and size, year of manufacture, the country where that particular vehicle came from, and
the exact location where it was manufactured, among others.

Since this number is unique, it makes it very easy for any vehicle to be identified and tracked.
Hence, it would be very easy to trace and penalize any commercial transporter found to be on
the wrong side of the law.

What You Need to Know About Vehicle Identification & the Quarterly Tax?
IFTA Quarterly Tax Return requires all commercial transporters to file their road usage returns
quarterly. It is this information that is used by the federal authorities to calculate the amount of
tax that each transporter ought to pay as a road tax.

In return, this tax is used for the maintenance of the roads frequently used by transporters
thereby, ensuring that they are always in perfect order. Nobody is equal and as usual, some will
always find it very difficult to file their returns or getting their permits on time. However, this
should not be cause for alarm as Global Truck Docs is very capable of arguing their cases for

That is why every transporter is urged to file their quarterly returns as early as possible to avoid
any inconvenience, which might end up getting them into trouble with the authorities. Therefore,
having all your permits in order enables you to operate without any problem, more so, from the

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